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Odyssey Bookstore Packaging

Odyssey bookstore

Starting up and not knowing anything, I have often cited Coralee as my first co-worker.  I know that she has other projects and clients, but I always felt that she was as invested in my project as I was.

Laura Larson, Owner Odyssey Bookstore


Working with Coralee on logo design has helped me gain clarity about what I am doing, what I am offering and what is most important to me relating to my work. The whole process has been unexpectedly empowering and energizing, propelling me past self-doubt and towards self-actualization, and Coralee has been an encouraging and intuitive guide.

Kate Howell
Debbie Baskerville

Hidden Bliss Studio

As someone with a design background, it was tempting to think that I could create my own logo, but I knew I didn’t really have the graphic and technical skills to make it work.  Coralee took me on an inspirational adventure that helped me to home in on what I wanted to say with the logo, and she expertly brought the vision we formed to life.  She also helped me understand what was needed when applying the logo in different printed and social media. I really appreciated that she listened carefully, focused in on my aesthetic, and guided me down the path to arrive at a logo I feel represents me and my business perfectly.  Thanks Coralee!

Debbie Baskerville, Owner Hidden Bliss Studio

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My name is Laura Larson and about 2 years ago I began a journey to opening a new independent bookstore.  I have dreamed of owning a bookstore my whole life.


Before I met Coralee I had secured a space and a name for my store.  I had a sense of what I wanted the store to be--both my values and my inventory--but was at the very beginning stages of designing the interior.  I started to work with Coralee because I wanted a logo.  I honestly didn't even know all the ways I would end up collaborating with her!  


I was very intimidated by the process--worried because I have no experience but strong opinions!  And I honestly also have high expectations.  I wanted it to be the thing I had inside my head but didn't have any confidence I knew how to explain that to her (or anyone else).  It took a lot of back and forth to figure out how to translate what was inside my head to paper.  I worried about expressing my opinion because I just didn't have confidence in my perspective.  Coralee always made sure to listen carefully and patiently, supporting the process I had to work through.  


From logo to bookbags, there is hardly a corner of my store that has not been touched by Coralee's amazing work!  We started with a logo that I used for business cards and stickers.  She helped me create a promotional postcard, as well as custom stationary we use to write notes about our books.  The font she and I chose is what we use throughout the store, including on our signage!  Her design is on our canvas bookbags and two different bookmarks which are incredibly popular! 


Beyond the images, Coralee was the person who found the business card and paper providers.  She suggested a sticker company and a decal maker for our sandwich board sign.  She negotiated with a bag company and found a letterpress printer for our bookmarks.  


Working with Coralee has helped me shape all of the brand images I have used for Odyssey Bookstore.  She also was a tremendous resource in what was a busy time for me, helping me to source the actual materials and suppliers. Starting up and not knowing anything, I have often cited Coralee as my first co-worker.  I know that she has other projects and clients, but I always felt that she was as invested in my project as I was.


My favorite part of working with Coralee was that she made what was a potentially stressful process fun and even playful. I like to think that that energy carried over into the outcome giving me a logo which is as beautiful and clever as it is fun!


I would recommend--and have!--Coralee to anyone looking to do an initial logo design and following up with related materials.  People who come into our bookstore frequently comment  on how much they love the little details of how everything works together.  That the paint color on the walls matches the color on the edges of the stickers--which it does, because Coralee spent the time making sure it did.

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