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It can be overwhelming to try and think about all the different ways your business, non-profit, or creative endeavor will be represented 'out there.'  Ideally, all the ways that you communicate with your community are connected with a cohesive visual identity that shows where and how you fit.

If you are interested in exploring how I can support the visual identity of your creations, send me an email, and we'll set up a time to discuss your vision.

A quick walk through the design process is shown at left.  I like to spend a lot of time making sure we both understand what the final product should look like, that you'll have files that you can use, and that it 'sings.'  Or, as a former client said his grandma used to say, everything is nice and nice.


To give an idea about what quoting can look like, my pricing for an entire visual identity package is $2,200.  My hourly rate is $60/hour.  But, capitalism sucks.  If you've got work you believe in, send me a line, and we'll work out something that makes sense.

Just looking for a little something?  Check out my Etsy page KoreLeaDesign.

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