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Our Process

It can be overwhelming to try and think about all the different ways your business, non-profit, or creative work will be represented.  Ideally, all the ways that you communicate with your community are connected with a cohesive visual identity that shows where and how you fit.

A complete visual identity package is $2,200. 

My hourly rate is $76/hour.

​And, capitalism sucks.  If you're doing work you believe in, send me a line, and we'll work out something that makes sense.

If you are interested in exploring how I can support the visual identity of your creations, send me an email, and we'll set up a time to discuss your vision.

A quick walk through the design process is shown here.  I like to spend a lot of time making sure we both understand what the final product should look like, that you'll have files that you can use, and that it 'sings.'  Or, as a former client's grandma used to say, everything is nice and nice.

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