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I'm Coralee McNee, a graphic designer and illustrator based in Trumansburg, New York, on Gayogo̱hó꞉nǫʼ land. I provide design solutions for folks who work in fields from architecture to social justice. 


After years as a metallurgical engineer, I got curious about how to invite more ease in the way we relate to one another.  This curiosity led me to study and work with anti-racist, agrarian reform, and food sovereignty organizations---as well as read a whole heap of books about Buddhism and human behavior.  I believe a full expression of our innate sovereignty often begins with a healing, easy connection to land.  When we create from a place of sovereignty, we generate more connection, like mycelium arms reaching out to one another, fusing, and rebranching.  Through my work, I aim to support the relationships between you and your community, you and your creativity, and, ultimately, you and you. 


My favorite mediums are watercolor and linoleum block printing, and I love the precision of Adobe Illustrator.  When I design logos, I start with a pencil and paper and weave in other processes before bringing that work into the digital realm.

Drop me a line at or fill out the form below to introduce yourself and your dreams or to ask questions about my process!

Etsy Shop

Below are a handful of items from my Etsy shop.  Visit KoreLeaDesign for more!  Also, check out my patterns at Spoonflower Rattler Design.

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