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White Grass

I love getting to know my clients through the work they do.  Whether you're just getting started or ready to level up your brand, I am here to make sure the visual story we tell is a reflection of you.  To see more about my process, take a look here.

Logo Design

Design that nourishes relationship.

graphic design and illustration for folks who work in fields from architecture to social justice

Night Camping


Drop me a line to introduce yourself and your dreams or to ask questions about my process!

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Business cards we can do, but what about a branding iron?  Absolutely. 

We can make labels for carefully crafted products or brochures, stickers, stamps, bookmarks, totes, postcards . . . most anything you can dream up!

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You in? 

Jumping In

Making Marks

I grew up close enough to Lake Tahoe to have some of the lingo filter into my vernacular.  One phrase I particularly liked was 'making turns', as in---I am going out to snowboard---but, ya know, casual like.  In art school, we used all manner of things to make marks . . . my fave, a discarded ice cream cone.  The marks below are primarily watercolor, ink, linoleum block print, and digital.

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